S3E3 - Web3 Mass Adoption is NEAR w. Marieke Flament, CEO NEAR Foundation

Want to know what it takes to grow a Blockchain ecosystem like NEAR? Or what Web3 the issues with Luna and FTX mean for Web3 in 2023? Listen in… Marieke Flament, CEO of NEAR Foundation shares her learnings from an unprecedented year and answers your questions in a live Q&A… Marieke is one of the most prominent leaders across Blockchain Layer 1s, and under her leadership the NEAR ecosystem has grown significantly and established big partnerships with enterprise, sports and Web3 organisations. In this show, we discuss: - What it takes to scale a Layer 1 protocol in 2022/3 - What we learned from the recent issues with Luna, 3AC, FTX in 2022, and the imperatives for Web3 in future - How enterprise applications play a role in scaling Web3 - The particular verticals driving the next 1Bn users - Advice to builders interested in Web3 tech today As well as some fascinating responses to questions around the Metaverse, regulation, CBDC, digital identity, sustainability and much more. Don’t miss this truly insightful episode!

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