S3E17 Kaleido: Plug & Play Blockchain (Web3 Doesn't Have to be Hard) w. Sophia Lopez & Steve Cerveny

Kaleido has been consistently making it easier for anyone to use Web3 technology: multi-chain, across the stack, for B2B and B2C, but what more is needed to see Web3 scale if the technical barriers are being removed?... I'm joined by Sophia Lopez and Stephen Cerveny, the co-founders of Kaleido, who have been working relentlessly since 2015 to make it as easy as possible to stand-up Web3 tech. Just a few clicks and you're running and Ethereum node. A few more clicks are you've created a private network using Hyperledger Fabric. And more recently, Kaleido have included Polygon, Avalanche, ISO compliance, SOC2 compliance, and a whole lot more. There is literally no excuse for saying that setting up Blockchain technology is 'hard' any more...In this episode we will talk about:- The history of Kaleido, for those who don’t know- What the team has been working on over the past few months- Learnings from the past 12 months’ of Web3 (FTX, 3AC, Luna etc.) and the imperatives they give us for scaling Web3 in future- The current state of ‘Enterprise Blockchain’ and emerging pockets of growth- What went wrong with well know 'Gen 1' DLT projects that were shut down (SGX, B3i, We.Trade) and how we overcome similar challenges- How can we enhance Developer Experience and make it easier for anyone to build in Web3- How far we are away from delivering fully decentralised websites, apps and e-commerce

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