S3E16 Planet Algorand - Purpose to Post-Quantum w. Staci Warden (CEO, Algorand Foundation)

What an episode! One of the most insightful and enjoyable so far, and Staci is the first guest on the show to throw me off my intro game! Don’t miss Staci Warden, CEO of Algorand Foundation, sharing her insights for how Blockchains and Web3 can aim higher, solve real-world problems, and pass the test of time… Staci is one of the most respected leaders in Web3. She has overseen the growth and expansion of the Algorand ecosystem, new technology, new team and some exciting recent announcements.It’s so important to have experienced leaders identifying and addressing the challenges of Web3 today. We have incredible technology but it take more than that to drive change. On this episode we discuss:- Staci’s path to becoming CEO of Algorand Foundation- What it takes to build and scale a protocol like Algorand in 2023- What Staci has observed from Web3 in the past year, and the imperatives that give us for Web3 going forward- How Enterprises or industrial applications play a role in scaling Web3 - The issues and importance of Quantum computing-resistant Blockchains- Verticals or geographies where Algorand is seeing strong adoption- The importance of tooling for a Blockchain ecosystem - Python, Python, Python- Advice for anyone building with Web3 tech today ('Easy internet money is gone')

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