S3E14 Foundations in Web3 w. Frederik Gregaard (CEO, Cardano Foundation)

Cardano has one of the strongest ecosystems in Web3, but why? Frederik, the CEO of Cardano Foundation will help to explain all... With a Market Cap of $14Bn (at time of recording) and seen by many as the largest competitor to Ethereum as a smart contract Blockchain, there's good reason to follow the growth of Cardano to-date. It has been a story of pragmatic, peer-reviewed and largely hype-free development since it was founded in 2015 and launched in 2017. But that's just the tech side. What about the 'ecosystem'?As CEO of Cardano Foundation, Frederik is responsible for a non-profit organisation whose mission is to advance operational resilience, education, and adoption of the Cardano Blockchain and the tools and dApps built around it. But how does that work in practice? We talk about:- The role of Foundations in Web3, and what do they do on a day-to-day basis- The challenges and imperatives for growing Web3 ecosystems- The verticals that will drive adoption of decentralised technology- The interaction between Blockchains, AI and the Metaverse in our future- Advice to anyone building with Web3 tech today

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