S3E13 Onboarding Enterprises to Web3 w. Alan Vey (CEO of Aventus)

Enterprises could bring 1 Billion users to Web3. But how do you get them excited about decentralised tech? Alan Vey and the Aventus team know exactly how... Aventus have worked with a wide range of ‘Web2’ companies, from cargo tracking at Heathrow Airport, to loyalty management with Cashback app, to helping Beatport launch music NFTs to 50m users and over 100k record labels.So they know a thing or two about what enterprises do and don’t want when it comes to Web3, and what are the biggest challenges that come up along the way. On this show we discuss:- What enterprises really think of Blockchain and Web3- How to look for valuable use cases for enterprises- Use cases in supply chain, music, art and loyalty- How enterprises really feel about crypto- Advice for anyone building with Blockchain

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