Navigating Double Grief with Lottie Tomlinson

Losing a parent as a teenager is unthinkable, let alone when it's followed by the death of a beloved sister just over two years later. This has been the devastating reality for today’s guest: author and entrepreneur Lottie Tomlinson. After her mum and sister passed away, Lottie felt she had to put on a brave face and step up for her younger siblings, but this led to her losing control of her emotions. In today's episode, Lottie tells Kate how therapy has created an outlet for these emotions, and discusses her important work as an ambassador for Sue Ryder which helps people access therapy who may not usually be able to afford it. Lottie also talks about her pregnancy and the excitement the Tomlinson’s are feeling about new life in the family. This conversation is just as much about hope as it is struggle, but we do mention grief and loss of loved ones, so if you are sensitive to these subjects we suggest coming back to this episode when you are ready. To become part of the Blended family, follow @blended on instagram Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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