Meeting your child with Saira Khan

Today on Blended we are talking about motherhood in all its beautifully messy glory with the wonderful television personality and former Loose Women panelist Saira Khan. Saira talks about how she came to be in a blended family including the moment she met her little girl who she adopted from Pakistan when she was just four days old. As you’ll hear in today’s episode, the adoption process isn’t simple but Saira's openness, optimism and warmth on the subject show that adoption can be such a joyous albeit complicated tale. Kate and Saira also discuss finding joy amongst the chaos of motherhood and how guilt is always at play in the early stages of becoming a new parent. Saira's resounding message of “focus on the fact that you are going to give this child an amazing future, give them love, family and security” is one that can resonate with any parent, adoptive or otherwise! To become a part of the Blended family, follow @blended on instagram To hear more from Saira follow her on instagram @iamsairakhan check out her website For advice on adoption, start by heading to the uk GOV website, or by chatting to a local charity near you: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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