Love after Loss with Simon and Derrina Thomas

Finding love and ‘moving on’ when you are in the thick of grief might feel impossible. But, sometimes (and often unexpectedly) you’re able to let new people into your lives and hearts. This was the case for our wonderful guests today - Sky Sports presenter Simon Thomas, along with his wonderful wife Derrina. In this honest and heart warming discussion, Derrina and Simon talk about how they have supported Ethan (Simon’s son and Derrina’s ‘chum’) in navigating their new reality, making space for grief, and how they continue to ensure that Ethan’s mum’s presence and love is still felt in their home. It’s a warm and powerful listen though we do mention grief and loss of loved ones, so if you are sensitive to these subjects we suggest coming back to this episode when you are ready. To become part of the Blended family, follow @blended on instagram Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Hosted by Kate Ferdinand, this podcast is a celebration of blended families - exploring the stories of relationships bound by love, no matter what their circumstances are. Covering subjects such as second marriages, divorce, grief and life after loss, adoption, fostering and (not-so-wicked!) stepmothers, Kate will champion different voices and experiences by speaking with experts, everyday people and celebrities in the public eye.