How To Be a Happy Stepparent With Professor Lisa Doodson

Today on Blended, Kate welcomes author, psychologist, mediator, and (step) mother Professor Lisa Doodson. Lisa is the founder of Happy Steps, the UK's only research based stepfamily resource centre, she was also one of the amazing people that helped bring the Ferdinand’s documentary about stepfamilies to life. As part of a stepfamily herself, Lisa's well versed in the often challenging path to happy step parenting, she speaks honestly about how the early experience can often feel like failure or being an imposter in the family, this experience has led her to write two books on the matter, equipping people with the tools and support they need to get there. Kate and Lisa also go through lots of listener questions where Lisa gives some really great direct advice on a range of issues stepparents face. For those struggling in these early days, this one's for you. Lisa’s got so much great advice to help you on your way. Sometimes a sympathetic ear is enough to give you a little bit of hope to know that you will start to feel comfortable in your role and it will all be okay in the end. To become a part of the Blended family follow @Blended on instagram. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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