Bike Talk - Politics and the Bicycle

Chutzpah: the supermajority on Vancouver's City Council, ABC ("A Better City"), ripped out iconic Stanley Park's protected bike lane to make room for drivers to enjoy nature through windshields. Lucy Maloney, Vancouver safe streets activist, says that ABC has its sights on other bike lanes. But there's always hope. Then, cohosts Seamus, Taylor, and Nick discuss whether political ideology correlates to attitudes towards active transportation. 17:28 Front Lines: Lawsuits against NYC congestion pricing, higher registration fees for heavier vehicles, and backtracking by Mayor Adams on a safer McGuiness Boulevard, from Transportation Alternatives' Associate Director of Communications Alexa Sledge. 30:25 Sidelined: The US Department of Transportation created a report that recommended mandating truck sideguards to protect vulnerable road users from getting dragged and crushed. The truck industry was given the report, and pressured the USDOT to change its recommendation. Somerville Alliance for Safe Streets member Alex Epstein says the USDOT has been "captured" by the trucking industry. Alex is joined by Caron Whitaker, Deputy Executive Director of the League of American Cyclists, and Steven Bingham, father of a cyclist caught and crushed under a truck. 53:56 Mattapan on Wheels: Making Mattapan, Massachusetts safe for bikers with Vivien Morris, Chair and Founder of Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition.

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