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Career changers

from Beyond the balance sheet podcast | Published 12/9/2020

Sometimes, we need to take the risk and make a big change in life. In this second episode, we speak to three people who have done just that, moving from very different careers into financial advice. Have you ever considered jumping ship? Do transferable skills really work in different industries? We answer all of these questions and more, delving into what attracted our guests to financial planning and how they found it. Inspiring and uplifting, this episode shows that it’s never too late to change.  See for privacy information.

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Beyond the balance sheet lifts the lid on the world of financial advice, removing the typical stereotypes and allowing listeners to see the industry in a more real, honest and empathetic light. Hosted by journalist and presenter Hannah Vaughan Jones, the series addresses common misconceptions head on, gathering advice from practicing advisers and speaking with those who have overcome hurdles to choose this path, from all walks of life. The podcast is a useful tool for existing advisers, providing useful tips on business development as well as providing insight for anyone considering a new career.