48. Reclaiming Femininity, Honoring Men, and Building Thriving Relationships ft. Laura Doyle

Today's episode features a conversation with Laura Doyle, author of The Surrendered Wife and The Empowered Wife. We talk about: What is femininity is and isn't How the "strong independent woman" movement has distorted the natural giving and receiving relationship between men and women Misconceptions men and women have about one another How a woman can communicate her desires with a man without becoming a dictator or mothering him How to honor men Our thoughts on relationship counseling Powerful tools to re-instate balance between genders and re-ignite respect and polarity in romantic partnerships You can check out some free resources as a gift from Laura here: https://lauradoyle.org/becomingfullyhuman, and make sure to check out her books The Surrendered Wife and The Empowered Wife.

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