41. Manifesting Your Dream Life: My Experience with the To Be Magnetic's Pathway

This episode explores my experience with Lacy Phillips's To Be Magnetic's Pathway. This work is something I have personally used for years. It has helped me reframe so much in my life, connect with my values and story, and anchor in various concepts that have changed how I navigate life. The Pathway has various courses (inner child, shadow, money, love) and a library of "Deep Imaginings" (guided meditations) that walk you through your stories in a hypnotic state, allowing you to reprogram them in real time.   The Pathway can be purchased in full for the year or on a monthly payment plan. Both are super affordable, and both are incredibly worth it.  Code CAMILLE will get you 15% off your Pathway membership.  Have a listen, and see if the program resonates. Learn more about working with me on my website, and stay tuned for upcoming episodes featuring the tools that have helped me on my journey home.

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