Bamboo U

Training The Eye With Bamboo

from Bamboo U | Published 5/28/2020

Bamboo offers design students new opportunities to understand form. This interview is with Scott Vandervoort one of our guest facilitators at Bamboo U. Scott has been teaching 3D design at Pratt Institute in New York for over 15 years, and has lectured internationally on form making. He runs training workshops on abstract visualization techniques and in developing hand eye coordination. Scott fell in love with bamboo while living in Bali in 2019. Listen in to learn more about how bamboo can help us expand our creativity and develop beautiful objects out of bamboo.

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The Bamboo U podcast brings you conversations about design, creative thinking, architecture, and bamboo. Bamboo U is an educational experience that teaches people, how to design and build with bamboo. We run workshops that show our participants how to create innovative structures out of bamboo, and how to incorporate bamboo into their own projects. This show is a series of interviews with bamboo experts and pioneers who are exploring innovative ways to inspire the world to work with bamboo as a sustainable timber for the future.