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Bad Roads: No Parole From Rock N' Roll (012)

from Bad Roads Podcast | Published 1/10/2021

For episode 12 of Bad Roads we are joined by my friend Dan Ford from the Pittsburgh band Vicious Blade. Dan has also put in time with the bands Commit Suicide, Fatality, and more. Give a listen as we discuss his new band, rock n’ roll, records, beer, and Dan’s history in the Pittsburgh music community. Here's the Bandcamp link for Vicious Blade: Music Bed: Motorhead-Ace of Spades (Instrumental) Lady Beast-The Gift Dan Ford Music Bed: Motorhead-Hump On Your Back (Instrumental) Tom T. Hall-I Like Beer (Excerpt) Segment: Dan Ford Music Beds: Sepultura-Inner Self (Instrumental), Motorhead-Shoot You in the Back (Instrumental) Vicious Blade-Banshee’s Blade Segment: Dan Ford Music Bed: Motorhead-Fast and Loose (Instrumental) Coroner-Mistress of Deception Segment: Dan Ford Music Bed: Motorhead-Love Me Like a Reptile (Instrumental) Sepultura-Mass Hypnosis (Mixdown) Segment: Dan Ford Music Bed: Rainbow-All Night Long Fatality-No Apparent MotiveSegment: Dan Ford Music Beds: Thin Lizzy-Fools Gold (Instrumental), Thin Lizzy-Ballad of a Hard Man (Instrumental), Thin Lizzy-Leaving Town (Instrumental), Thin Lizzy-Wild One (Instrumental) Assassin-Twilight/License to Kill Segment: Dan Ford Music Bed: Death-Suicide Machine (Instrumental), Death-Bite the Pain (Instrumental), Death-Together As One (Instrumental) Mercyful Fate-Evil (Excerpt) Motley Crue-Too Fast For Love (Leathur Mix) (Excerpt) Ratbelly Black-Scratch Segment: Dan Ford Music Bed: Motothead-Dance (Instrumental) Commit Suicide-Cyclic Vomiting Dan Ford Music Bed: Death-God of Thunder Volcano Dogs-Blow It All Away Segment: Dan Ford Music Bed: Death-Vacant Planets (Instrumental) Vicious Blade-Mortifications of Flesh Closing Segment Music Bed: Death-Lack of Comprehension (Instrumental) Autoreplicant-Another Life                Support the show (

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