26. Upgrading you from a dreamer to a CEO

from AVENUE FOR GROWTH | Published 5/29/2020

In this episode, I'm sharing some great insights about the journey many successful business owners go through from a dreamer to a business owner. We talk about the different stages and issues at each stage, and also what you must implement to take you from one stage to the next. Want to see if we can help you grow? Check out Avenue For Growth program and join us! (https://avenueforgrowth.com/join)

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Join us for powerful conversations covering Key Growth Activators; the strategies, tactics, beliefs, and rituals you must implement in your growing business to drive the results you desire. Your host, Tiina Wilen, is the founder of Avenue; a business growth consulting & coaching company for ambitious business leaders. She's a Growth Engineer, Systems Specialist, Designer, and an IT geek. She's also a Finn living in Sweden, Mother, Wife, Incurable Visionary, Very Opinionated Person, and a Spainholic. Our mission is to help ambitious, expert-based businesses to sell more, increase profits and live happier.