Potassium from Past to Present

In this episode of Voices from the Field, NCAT Sustainable Agriculture Specialist Nina Prater and her husband, Jeremy Prater – a cattle and meat goat farmer – explore the science and history of potassium. Potassium fertilizer prices have increased 45 percent in the past few years, and finding ways to reduce  off-farm inputs of potassium can improve a farm’s bottom line. Nina and Jeremy discuss potassium in the soil and in plants as well as the human history around this element. They then share  ways to manage soils sustainably and require less off-farm potassium fertilizer.   Related ATTRA Resources: ·        Rising Fertilizer Costs: Look to History for Answers ·        Phosphorus and the Beauty of Biology  ·        Cotton Fields to Pasture: Soil Health Matters with Bill Robertson ·        Toolkit: How to Reduce Synthetic Fertilizer Use Other Resources: ·        The Nature and Properties of Soils ·        Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners: Potassium ·        Fertilizer Prices  ·        Impacts and Repercussions of Price Increases on the Global Fertilizer Market ·        Do I Really Need Potassium Fertilizer? ·        Potassium Management: Maps Showing Soil Clay Type Could Help Minnesota Farmers  ·        Top 10 Potash Countries by Production  ·        Nutrient Removal by Alabama Crops  ·        The Cost of Growth: Fertilizer Companies Cash In While Farmers and Communities Struggle  ·        Mineral Resource of the Month: Potash 

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