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S02 EP24: At least you didn't...forget you had a child...with Caroline Verdon and Annabelle Buckland

from At least you didn't... | Published 10/12/2021

Having a rough time? Need to feel like you have a better handle on life? Think of this episode as free therapy! Not only will it make you realise you're actually doing just fine but you'll also become very grateful for being exactly who you are, and not being Caroline and Annabelle This episode covers everything from incidents with heat packs, to killing the romance, to completely forgetting you had a child with some A grade parenting.

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From falling off treadmills to getting a lifelong injury from an amusement arcade horse, the lives of Caroline Verdon and Annabelle Buckland are filled with a comedy of errors that will make you feel a lot happier about your own misdemeanors. Rather than never telling a living soul about the time Caroline accidentally created a murder scene at a teddy bear's picnic or the time Annabelle ended up naked on a wakeboard, they decided to tell anyone who'd listen. The pair met whilst working as presenters and producers at the radio station JACKfm in Oxfordshire and bonded over their cringeworthy lives. Whilst Caroline then got married, had kids, moved to Yorkshire and worked at Radio Aire in Leeds; Annabelle stayed in Oxford and moved in with her Gran. At the age of 30. Whether it's parenting, dating, marriage, work or just general disasters you're after, they have it covered. Funny, irreverent and not for little ears, At Least You Didn't will make you laugh, go wide eyed with awkwardness and generally just be downright grateful that you aren't Caroline or Annabelle. Released every Tuesday but if you feel like you need more reminders of how great your life is, then you can find them on Facebook and Instagram sharing photos and videos of their tales of woe. /atleastyoudidnt