Lucas Siow of ProteinQure on AI for Protein-Based Drugs

On this episode, I speak with Lucas Siow, Head of Business Operations at ProteinQure ( ). ProteinQure uses artificial intelligence and quantum computing to design protein-based drugs such as antibodies and peptides. On this episode, you'll learn the benefits of protein-based drugs, challenges with discovering them, and how ProteinQure has combined emerging technologies in what may be the most science fiction-sounding drug discovery startup I've seen yet. This episode is brought to you by BenchSci ( ). BenchSci uses artificial intelligence to reduce the time, uncertainty, and cost of scientific experiments. Use it to find research antibodies up to 24x faster than using PubMed or Google Scholar. Just enter a protein of interest and filter by technique, organism, tissue, or 13 other options. BenchSci returns only relevant published figures and products. It’s free for academic researchers. Learn more and sign up at .

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