With Wesley Thompson

My name is Ruth Jennings and I'm back with my podcast discussing whether you ever truly 'get over' the death of a loved one.  Today’s guest is a particularly special one for me, it's my father in law, Wesley Thompson. He's a retired environmental officer and spends most of his time doing music projects (usually related to brass bands) going to coffee shops and minding my children! He took the time to tell me about lovely son Andrew who died from a glioblastoma (brain tumour) in October 2019. He tells me all about Andrew, and what made him so special. He also gave me an insight into his illness, his subsequent passing and the various ways he has tried to navigate his grief of such a well loved son. 

Om Podcasten

Hello! My name is Ruth Jennings and this first episode of my brand new podcast 'Are you over it yet?' I lost my husband Andrew to brain cancer when he was only 32. Now, with the help of lots of fabulous guests, I'm considering grief and life after bereavement. We're questioning whether, even after many years you ever truly get over such a big loss.