In this powerful episode of Angie Martinez IRL Podcast, Jay "Jeezy" Jenkins takes us on a deeply personal journey through the remarkable chapters of his life as shared in his newly released book, "Adversity For Sale." Join Angie and Jeezy as they explore the incredible story of how he defied all odds to become the hip-hop icon we know today. While basking in the glory of his music career's peak, Jeezy opens up about the emotional toll loss and tragedy that had an unrelenting impact on his psyche, despite the profound influence his music had on the culture. In a raw and candid conversation, Jeezy bravely discusses his battles with anxiety, paranoia, and even depression during his career, while revealing the resources and coping mechanisms he's harnessed to confront these challenges. He shares an inspiring story while also acknowledging that the road to self-discovery is an ongoing process. Discover the evolved, "grown" Jeezy as he embarks on a journey to find genuine joy and happiness. Don't miss this heartfelt episode, where Jeezy opens up like never before and offers a glimpse into the man behind the music. Important to note, this recording took place before Jeezy's recent separation from Jeannie Mai.See for privacy information.

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