IRL Take Aways: Jeezy

We’re back with another IRL #TakeAways. The in-between audio-only podcast where Angie and special guests reflect on episode responses, takeaways, and highlights.  On this week’s #TakeAways Angie, her producer Brittany, and Nyla Simone catch up on the newest episode released, Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins. Discover how Jeezy's powerful interview with Angie revealed his very quiet, yet remarkable growth.  The key takeaway: "Success is for you. Significance is doing it for others." It's a thought-provoking statement. Are you striving for success, or are you committed to leaving a lasting legacy, making a significant impact on those around you? Jeezy's emphasis on the latter left an indelible mark on all who caught this remarkable interview. Don't miss this episode and all of our IRL #Takeaway episodes for more meaningful reflections. Tune in and be part of the conversation. See for privacy information.

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Created and hosted by renowned media personality Angie Martinez, “IRL” sees Angie and notable guests sitting down to candidly explore the magic of life, it’s fragility, purpose and complexities.  Angie’s conversations will explore legacy, philosophies, and the extraordinary ways we choose to live our real lives.