78. Harmony Within: Embracing Life's Flow with Ting Ting Guan

In this captivating episode, we are thrilled to have a true luminary in the movement and wellness industry, Ting Ting Guan. With over two decades of experience, Ting Ting's passion lies in sharing the transformative techniques and knowledge she has gathered throughout her journey. Her mission is simple but profound: to guide others in moving better, breathing better, and ultimately feeling better while rediscovering a newfound respect for their bodies. Ting Ting Guan's approach to wellness goes beyond physical fitness; she seeks to empower the spirit of her students, instilling them with confidence and a sense of inner strength. Her latest creation, the GuanJing Method, is an easy-to-learn meditative movement practice that harnesses the power of Qi energy through spiraling circular shapes. By practicing this innovative technique, individuals can release tension and dispel heavy emotions, experiencing a renewed sense of vitality and deep inner peace. Resources: https://www.instagram.com/one.with.soul/ https://www.guanjingmethod.com/ https://www.instagram.com/guanjingmethod/ *free GuanJing Class:* https://www.guanjingmethod.com/free-class Advertisers + Sponsors: • Shaman School: shamandurek.com/the-shaman-school • Lit Verified Store: shamandurek.com/lit-verified-shop • Healing Temple: shamandurek.com/the-healing-temple Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Stories have the power to change the world. Human beings have been sharing stories for hundreds of thousands of years, and with those stories came the emotional, spiritual, and physical knowledge of the ancients. Shaman Durek is a 6th generation shaman, an evolutionary innovator, and a women’s empowerment leader. He’s here to bring forth the ancient wisdom of our elders to help heal and bring happiness into our modern society. We’re sharing ancient knowledge in modern times, in order to put the power back in people’s hands. Welcome to the tribe.