Sleeping Beauty

from EN | Published 3/14/2021

In the new podcast from AllRight, teacher acts as a kind and sensitive storyteller and reads a story about Sleeping Beauty. In English, a popular fairy tale sounds not difficult at all, but bright and very interesting.Play it with your child in between homework or before bed, and then check how well your child understood what the podcast was about. Ask him simple questions, for example, "How old was the princess when she fell asleep?" or "Who awakened the princess, and with her the whole kingdom?"Enjoy your listening!

Om Podcasten

Hello everyone! It’s AllRight English School for Kids here. Now, every week we will entertain your child with interesting stories in English, make sense of idioms and sing songs that they will definitely like.And while your child is listening to our podcast, you, dear mothers, can devote a little bit of time to yourselves. Subscribe to our page, turn on the podcast and tune in to the wave of English with AllRight FM!Age limit: 0+With promocode POD04 you can get 15% discount for lessons in our English School for kids.