203: social media & the perfect candle

twitter is X now, threads is deads, and bluesky... still doesn't have an icon. what can you count on in this crazy world? maybe a simple... pod? with not two, but THREE charming guests to both thrill and calm you? say it isnt so! this week, brooke is back on the show telling us about her travels from canada, then we get into a listener question about guests who overstay their welcome, and debate the best candle smells. hey, does my hair look good in this ipad?

Om Podcasten

all the space in between is a weekly podcast hosted by mitch welling and billie blossom, where they answer all your slimy little questions and dive into your particular predicaments. sometimes they’ll give earnest advice, sometimes they’ll just laugh at you. it’s a gamble with this podcast, baby!