Episode 153 - Adding Educational Courses to Your Business with Molly Keyser

This week's episode is all about adding educational courses to your business. I'm joined by Molly Keyser, Founder of Profitable Courses, the business that's on a mission to help people turn their passion into an online course that's profitable from day 1. Molly now helps service-based business owners add a profitable online course to their business so they can scale without trading more of their time for dollars.With more businesses moving online than ever before, you are missing out if you aren't online. By taking the knowledge you already know and moving this online into a digital product, you can leverage the power of being online to educate others who share the same passions.We go on to speak about how you can find ideas on what you want to base your course on. Creating a list of all of the areas in which you are knowledgeable about, and have a passion for, will help you to get that visibility. Your story on how you have got to where you are is also a key driver as you will be able to teach through your experience.Once you've got your ideas you need to research them. Have a look and see if your course idea already exists and is selling. This is very important because if you can see the idea's selling you know that yours can sell too. By beta testing, or as Molly would refer to, kick-starting, you can get a sense of what people are interested in and more importantly, if they are going to buy your course. This is selling it before it's created.Stay safe and enjoy the episode.A huge thank you to Campaign Refinery for sponsoring this episode. Check out the amazing email marketing automation tool they've created.Please subscribe, rate and review, and find us @AllAboutDigMar on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share your thoughts.The All About Digital Marketing Podcast is brought to you by Social INK, a digital marketing consultancy on a mission to put the social back into social media.

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