Episode 144 - Loyalty Marketing with Paula Thomas

This weeks episode is all about loyalty marketing. I'm joined by Paula Thomas, creator & host of the Let’s Talk Loyalty podcast. Paula is a loyalty marketing expert with over twenty years of experience delivering tangible results for some of the world's top brands. The show is targeted at industry professionals who specialise in creating, running and optimising marketing programmes that drive customer loyalty.Loyalty, when it comes to customers, is often thought about as gift cards or stamps to get a free product. It is a lot more than that. It's all about how you look after your customers. For online businesses, this can be a challenge as you aren't always in front of them, but there are ways you can add value. Email marketing is still a well-proven tool to build this relationship with your customers and adding new formats of content such as video or audio can set you apart from the competitors.You need to be making a connection with your customers. This is easily achieved when there is flexibility. Another proven loyalty scheme are reward points. The flexibility offered by the points system depends on the provider. Some business have had to adapt during the pandemic, for example, airlines. They are now offering other products, in addition to the flights, where you can spend your points. Another form of flexibility is partnering with brands. This will allow the customers to transfer their benefits over and use them in a different way.Community is a really big opportunity to drive loyalty. It's all about the mindset of giving something to the people that you value, who support your business, and in doing so, making them feel like they are part of something bigger. You should always be trying to do your best for your customers and doing it in a way that makes sense to them, not just what makes sense to you financially.Stay safe and enjoy the episode.A huge thank you to Campaign Refinery for sponsoring this episode. Check out the amazing email marketing automation tool they've created.Please subscribe, rate and review, and find us @AllAboutDigMar on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share your thoughts.The All About Digital Marketing Podcast is brought to you by Social INK, a digital marketing consultancy on a mission to put the social back into social media.

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