How to Receive a Gordon E. Moore Medal with Fred Roozeboom – ALD Stories Ep. 24

Dr. Fred Roozeboom joins ALD Stories for Ep. 24. Fred spent most of his career in the semiconductor industry at Philips and NXP working on rapid thermal processing and passive integration. He pivoted to ALD at the TNO Holste Centre and now finds himself at his alma mater, University of Twente. Fred was recently awarded the Gordon E. Moore Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Solid State Science and Technology from the ElectroChemical Society. Fred and Tyler talk about the semiconductor industry in the 80’s, his original RTP work at Phillips, and the importance of passive integration. They also discuss the Medtronic pacemaker, his world record during the great reintroduction of spatial ALD and the applications he’s most excited to see come to life with atomic layer deposition.    In this episode:    00:00 Introduction  01:43 Semiconductor Industry in the 80’s  07:59 Rapid Thermal Processing & Creation of NXP  19:32 Passive Integration & 3D Silicon  33:41 Pivot to ALD  46:48 Fred’s ALD Outlook    #ALDep #semiconductors #nanotechnology 

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