Becoming Predictive Using ALD Models with Michael Nolan – ALD Stories Ep. 13

In Episode 13, Tyler chats with Michael Nolan from the Tyndall National Institute in Ireland. Michael specializes in molecular and atomistic modeling, using his expertise to help predict, understand, and screen ALD precursors and chemistries. Mike and Tyler talk about all things modeling, including basics for modeling ALD reactions, limitations of current modeling efforts, and how theorists and experimentalists can powerfully work together. Enjoy!    In this episode:  00:00 Intro  01:48 Michael’s Background & Tyndall National Institute   11:03 Modeling Basics   26:09 Modeling Limitations  31:09 Intersection of Experimentation and Modeling   38:27 Future of ALD Modeling   47:52 Electron Explosions?   52:27 Wrap up & Outro     Follow Mike on Twitter @Mick_geek  Follow Tyler on Twitter @TyMytheALDGuy 

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