Back to Basics: Understanding Conformality with Riikka Puurunen – ALD Stories Ep. 14

Back for her second episode, Professor Riikka Puurunen is bringing us back to the basics with a deep dive on conformality. Recorded live from the Harald Herlin Learning Center at Aalto University, Tyler and Riikka talk about the all-important property of ALD. In this episode, Riikka explains the history of conformality in ALD, her recent paper on modeling collaboration, the origins of the PillarHall conformality test structures and a conversation on open science.    In this episode:  00:00 Intro  03:39 History of conformality  10:21 Has our understanding of conformality changed?  12:25 Is conformality an inherent property?  18:38 Conformality modeling findings  37:28 PillarHall Test Structures  49:35 Open Learning for ALD    Follow Riikka at @rlpuu on Twitter and at  ALD History Blog:  Virtual Project on the History of ALD:  Open ALD Learning Site (Hosted by Aalto): 

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