Album Impact

Episode #1: Cory Churko: Queen- A Night At The Opera & Yngwie Malmsteen- Rising Force

from Album Impact | Published 9/22/2020

Cory Churko is a music director/guitarist/violinist/vocalist who has toured with the likes of Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson, Slash, and Reba McEntire over the last 25 years.  Additionally, Cory spent several years working as an engineer/mixer with the...

Om Podcasten

This weekly podcast is hosted by guitarist/producer, Joshua Ray Gooch (Shania Twain, Koshi Inaba, Bill and Ted: Face The Music). Each guest chooses 2 albums that were particularly impactful on their musical identity. Joshua and his guest will discuss the finer details of what makes these records great and how/when/where they came into their lives. Whether you’re a musician, a vinyl connoisseur, or simply have a deep appreciation for great music, this podcast has something for you!