Navigating The Holidays After Loss. Home For the Holidays Part 2 | Embracing Grief, and Building New Traditions.

Today, our host Tyra, invites you to a heartfelt exploration of navigating grief during the holiday season. In a candid reflection on personal losses and unexpected challenges, Tyra shares strategies to embrace grief with compassion, cherish memories, and find strength in establishing new traditions.  As we delve into solo celebrations, virtual connections, and building chosen families, Tyra offers a warm reminder that it's okay not to be in the celebratory mood. Join us in this tender episode as we navigate the complexities of grief, acknowledging that every emotion is a valid part of the journey. This week’s affirmation is: “​​I Allow Myself to Grieve and Find Joy in the Season” Home For The Holidays Episode 1: Listen Now Episode 3 -  ⁠Finding Peace Amid the Chaos⁠ 3 Biggest Takeaways from Today’s Episode: Acknowledge Your Emotions with Compassion Allow yourself to feel a mix of joy and sorrow during the holiday season. Recognize that it's okay to navigate through the complexities of grief at your own pace. Creatively Express Grief and Establish New Traditions: Find healthy outlets for expressing grief, such as talking with supportive individuals or engaging in creative activities. Establish new traditions that honor the past while allowing for growth and change. Adapt or create rituals that celebrate the memories of your loved one or acknowledge changes in your life. Cultivate Solo Traditions and Build Support Networks: Cultivate solo traditions that bring you joy and comfort during the holiday season. Leverage technology to stay connected with loved ones through virtual gatherings, video calls, or online activities. For those with estranged family members, consider building your own support network by creating a chosen family. Grandma Willie Mae’s Buttermilk Pie ✨ ❄️ 3 eggs, room temp✨ 1 1/4 cups granulated sugar❄️ 2 Tbsp all-purpose flour✨ 1/2 cup unsalted butter melted❄️ 1 cup buttermilk, room temp✨ 1 tsp vanilla❄️ Pinch salt✨ Pinch nutmeg❄️ 1 9in pie crustBring all ingredients to room temp so the batter comes together properly. Poke a few holes in the pie crust to prevent air bubbles. Pour into prepared pie pan, that is on top of a sheet tray. Bake at 350F for 45-50 min. I like mine cold with no garnishes, but feel free to add whipped cream and berries. Resources Listen to the For Life’s Rainy Day Playlist  Wanna give therapy a try? Use BetterHelp:  Try The Calm App  COMMUNITY CONNECTION FORM: Sign Up for our Newsletter! Shop the AFBG Merch!  Ask a Question Send me a message: [email protected] Our P.O Box:TYRA MORRISON P.O. BOX 674 NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA 91603 Please Rate, Review, and Subscribe to the podcast to always hear the latest affirmations from your favorite Black Girl! Follow Us on Instagram: Affirmations for Black Girls Insta Follow Us on Twitter: Affirmations for Black Girls Twitter  Follow Us on Youtube: Affirmations for Black Girls Youtube The links above may be commission links Our Sponsors: * Check out Chime: * Check out Done and use my code PODCAST for a great deal: * Check out Equilibria and use my code AFFIRMATIONS for a great deal: * Check out Happy Mammoth and use my code AFFIRMATIONS for a great deal: * Check out NPR: * Check out OSEA and use my code AFFIRMATIONS for a great deal: * Check out Recess and use my code AFFIRMATIONS for a great deal: Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:

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