The Evolution of Disaster Recovery Strategies in Modern Cloud Environments - DevOps 186

Sagi Brody is a seasoned technologist and CTO at Opti9. They share insights on disaster recovery strategies, the importance of effective documentation, and the challenges of managing resilience in the cloud. They discuss the need for standardized tools and processes, the impact of technological advancements on traditional strategies, and the increasing complexity of multi-region and multi-cloud setups. With a focus on practical experiences and industry trends, this episode provides valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of DevOps and the essential skills needed to navigate it effectively. Tune in to gain valuable insights into managing resilience, disaster recovery, and the importance of clear and accessible documentation in the world of DevOps engineering.SponsorsChuck's Resume Template MiroRaygun - Application Monitoring For Web & Mobile AppsBecome a Top 1% Dev with a Top End Devs MembershipLinks10f.aiSocialsLinkedIn: Sagi BrodyAdvertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: a supporter of this podcast:

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