Jack Assadourian Jr. on Sandwiches & Minimum Wage + Ray Evernham on IROC

Comedian Jack Assadourian Jr. talks about his parents owning a comedy club and growing up Armenian and Mexican. Adam complains about a sandwich he recently tried and the guys discuss the controversy involving Panera Bread being exempt from Gavin Newsom’s new minimum wage regulation. Jack also talks about once working at a Hot Dog on a Stick, making Adam very jealous. Chris reports news stories on Doritos ending a partnership with a trans influencer, Gov. Kathy Hochul deploying the National Guard on NY Subways, Joe Biden’s limo, The Sopranos’ booth selling on eBay, the Iditarod, and boxer Ryan Garcia’s mental health. Lastly, NASCAR Hall of Fame’s Ray Evernham joins to talk about the revival of IROC and the mental toughness of racecar drivers. The guys also discuss Ray’s car collection and skilled celebrity racers. For more with Jack Assadourian Jr.: ● LIVE DATES: ‘You Don’t Know Jack Comedy Tour’ ● For dates and tickets visit: http://JackJrComic.com ● TWITTER & INSTAGRAM: @JackJrComic For more with Ray Evernham: ● BOOK: “Trophies and Scars: Ray Evernham” ○ Available now wherever you buy books ● TWITTER & INSTAGRAM: @RayEvernham Thank you for supporting our sponsors: ● The Jordan Harbinger Show - Available everywhere you listen to podcasts ● http://ForThePeople.com/Adam or Dial #LAW (#529) ● http://OReillyAuto.com

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