S1. Ep 7 - One Year On

It’s been a year since Chris van Tulleken set his twin brother, Xand, a challenge to help him quit his addiction to junk food. Xand had to eat an 80% ultra-processed food (UPF) diet while learning about its health impact. It worked and by the end Xand rejected all those foods he’d previously adored, including his beloved Chinese dumplings. The experiment had an aversion effect, just as Chris had hoped. But something else happened during the experiment, Chris also had a conversion experience. A podcast about food addiction transformed into a podcast about the twins’ relationship and how best to help someone you love.In this episode, the twins reflect on their conversion experiences – are they eating better and more importantly, are they getting on better? Chris speaks to obesity expert Professor Rachel Batterham who tells him how the scientific discourse about UPF has developed since the end of series 1. And the twins go to see philosopher Barry Smith whose professional life has been affected by the twins’ experiment and he tells them why he’s now refusing to work with major food companies as a sensory consultant. When Xand pops round for tea one evening, Chris’s five-year-old daughter shares some home truths about her dad and uncle’s relationship and it prompts the twins to consider what else they need to improve in their lives. Presented by Drs Chris and Xand Van Tulleken Production team: Alexandra Quinn, Jo Rowntree, Hester Cant, Dan King and Maia Miller-Lewis A Loftus Media and van Tulleken Brothers Ltd production for BBC Radio 4.With thanks to Voltage TV for use of their archive.

Om Podcasten

Drs Chris and Xand van Tulleken investigate the science of exercise and the dangers of inactivity.Is modern exercise a wellness cult? Or is it a vital cure for a world that's struggling with ill health and stuck on the sofa? Most of us might like to get a bit fitter, but how easy is it to actually start exercising and give up sedentary habits? In this series Drs Chris and Xand van Tulleken examine exercise and how best to do it. How much should we be doing? How does it help our bodies? And how does our surrounding environment stand in the way of us getting fitter? Chris is challenged to examine his scepticism towards exercise. Similarly, Xand is asked to look at his new-found exercise evangelism and see what he is really running from. Recently Xand has discovered the joys of physical activity. He's running, cycling, heading to the gym and playing ping pong like never before. It's been a real transformation and a way to keep on top of things after years of unhealthy living. His twin brother Chris, on the other hand, is really feeling the aches and pains of middle age. With a busy job and a young family, he has precious little spare time for exercise. After a very active period in his 20s and 30s, Chris is now embracing his 'Dad bod' and sliding into a creaky middle age. Xand wants to help him turn things around. Can he do it?