Cold Brew: The Act of Summering

Candice Shares Her Analogy for Life, Flying Woes and Wins, and the Balance of Ranch and City Life

In this Coffee Brew episode of the podcast, Candice shares her great analogy for life, comparing it to the life of a groundhog. She also talks about her flying woes and wins, including a layover adventure in Los Angeles. Finally, she discusses the balance of ranch and city life, and how she's found a way to enjoy both.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is interested in hearing Candice's unique perspective on life, or who is looking for tips on how to balance two different lifestyles.

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A Superbloom is a rare botanical phenomenon that is associated with an unusually wet, and rainy season. After the rainstorms, seeds of wildflowers that have lain dormant in desert soil begin to germinate and blossom all at once into a beautiful and magnificent superbloom. 


This is what our host, Candice King, wants. Life has felt like one rainstorm after another and now, after laying dormant for a bit, I’m ready for a superbloom. On A Superbloom Podcast host, Candice King is asking others who’ve experienced their own roadblocks, grief, or tough times to share in how their experiences went on to feed their souls. To talk about the events and passions in their life that allowed them to grow and superbloom into their next chapter.

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