Celebrity Gossip with Boundaries w/ Deuxmoi

Candice is joined by the founder and voice behind celebrity gossip brand, Deuxmoi, and how they went from working a full-time day job in fashion to often being the first to share breaking pop culture gossip. But what set Deuxmoi apart from the other gossip channels and accounts? Well, first of all, they’re completely anonymous and they make it clear from the start: these are rumors and gossip, not facts. There are certain boundaries they do not cross and sources they do not reveal. Deuxmoi has become more than just posts on a timeline but a community with even celebrities in the mix, chatting in their DMs. So join the chat and hear how a part-time hobby became a lucrative business involving a book (“Anon Pls: A Novel”) and pending Hollywood projects. 

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A Superbloom is a rare botanical phenomenon that is associated with an unusually wet, and rainy season. After the rainstorms, seeds of wildflowers that have lain dormant in desert soil begin to germinate and blossom all at once into a beautiful and magnificent superbloom. 


This is what our host, Candice King, wants. Life has felt like one rainstorm after another and now, after laying dormant for a bit, I’m ready for a superbloom. On A Superbloom Podcast host, Candice King is asking others who’ve experienced their own roadblocks, grief, or tough times to share in how their experiences went on to feed their souls. To talk about the events and passions in their life that allowed them to grow and superbloom into their next chapter.

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