24 - Thalia Robinson on creating a soul and mission led business from the heart.

Today we talk to the incredible Thalia Robinson - owner and founder of BYM Artistry. Honestly I have never had to edit out so much laughing, we truly had the best time. She's a 6 figure earning badass makeup artist, creating gorgeous artistry in the bridal and special occasion realm. Not only that, but Thalia has created a business built on her mission, values and led from the soul. Today we talk about: - how she runs her business, without a 10 step programme. - She makes decisions based on what her soul craves, like moving to LA - How she creates her content that gets her booked and makes her clients LOVE and respect her - Gaining respect from your clients and your peers And so much more. I hope this episode makes you smile as much as I did! Follow Thalia here  on Instagram!  Follow Kayleigh on Instagram!  Join the Level Up Club - Our monthly makeup artist membership!

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