Getting Moving is... 'A Piece of Cake' with Joe Wicks

“Small daily wins compound over time” - mic drop. Today’s incredible guest is Fitness Coach, TV Personality and Sunday Times Best Seller, Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach. As well as giving Gregg ‘curly hair envy’, Joe has given him a lot of insight into why moving is so integral to our mental and physical wellbeing. Just 15 minutes a day is enough to make you start feeling better. Gardening and Stretching in your living room are all amazing ways to get moving outside of the gym. You could evening listen to this podcast episode and go for a walk - it’s a Piece of Cake.For podcast updates make sure to follow Gregg on Instagram @greggwallace, and make sure to follow Joe Wicks and all his inspirational work @thebodycoachProduced by Emily Sandford, Photography by Jiksaw, Artwork by Bill Roberts & Hannah Sims, Video Footage by Samson Falodun. The Head of Comedy and Entertainment Podcasts at Global is Chris LanderGet £40 off your first year of Annual Membership at GreggWallace.Health with code PIECEOFCAKE.And for a free eBook, use code FREESLICE. Click here to redeem.Terms and conditions apply.

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Living a healthy lifestyle is a piece of cake, and former dessert man/national treasure Gregg Wallace is on a journey to learn how. In this podcast, Gregg is about to be joined by the best in the wellness and self-development space to give you the motivation and habits to be the best, healthiest version of yourself, whilst also keeping a big Gregg-style grin on your face. “Doesn’t get easier than this!" For podcast updates make sure to follow Gregg on Instagram @greggawallace Get £40 off your first year of Annual Membership at https://www.GreggWallace.Health/ with code PIECEOFCAKE. And for a free eBook, use code FREESLICE. Terms and conditions apply.