A new era ahead for coffee in Thailand

In today's episode we're kicking off a new mini series on Thailand's vibrant coffee shop market, exploring the recent growth of specialty coffee and opportunities for international brands.First up, we're speaking with Varatt "Tae" Vichit-Vadakan, founder of Kinnest Group - a boutique F&B group in Bangkok with over 20 hospitality venues and 8 sub brands including Roots Coffee, Roast and Monty's.In this conversation Tae discusses the evolution of Thailand’s specialty coffee scene over the last 15 years and the joys of collaborating with other creative and passionate entrepreneurs. He also highlights his vision to reconnect with Thailand’s traditional coffee drinking culture by tapping into the nation’s increasing pride for Thai-grown coffee.Credits music: "Sad Sometimes" by Rosin in association with The Coffee Music Project and SEB CollectiveSign up for our newsletter to receive the latest coffee news at worldcoffeeportal.comSubscribe to 5THWAVE on Instagram @5thWaveCoffee and tell us what topics you'd like to hear

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