Ep 4: The Wine Connoisseur

If there’s one thing Grace can’t stand, it’s people who describe themselves as “connoisseurs”, so what will it be like dating a self-professed “wine connoisseur”? Only one way to find out…

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Are you bored of Modern Dating? Being shown the same people half your friends have already matched with from the same boring apps? It’s time to change the narrative on how we find love. It’s time to start looking for love in all the wrong places. In this show, comedian Grace Campbell is going on a wild dating adventure - 28 dates in two months - only picking people who are the total opposite of her type. From foot fetishists and sugar daddies to polyamourists and players, this is dating with a difference. Will Grace find that special someone? It’s time to find out... Welcome to 28 Dates Later with Grace Campbell. 28 Dates Later is produced by Novel for iHeartPodcasts For more from Novel visit novel.audio